Do You Stutter?

The Stuttering Therapy of the Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech can make you free from stuttering.

Can you speak fluently when alone?

Hausdörfer therapy is the only therapy that does not work on speaking. We know that every stutterer can already speak fluently for example when speaking alone or when speaking to a pet. Stuttering is caused by the fear of stuttering in combination with everything you do to speak fluently. Learning another new speech technique therefore does not offer a solution. It is time to work on something you can: speaking fluently and naturally.

Are you looking for a stuttering therapy:

  • to learn to speak fluently and naturally?
  • to prevent stuttering in your child?
  • to get rid of the fear of stuttering and speaking?
  • to get less sensitive to what other think of you?
  • to be able to coolly answer a phone call?
  • to confidently and without fear learn to speak in public?
  • to answer all questions about stuttering?

If you answered one or more of above questions with yes, then the Hausdörfer therapy is for you. This revolutionary therapy is suitable for stutterers of all ages. It exists since 1894 and is active in Canada since 2000.